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cupcake with carob

Guilty Pleasure Pupcake for dogs

€ 5,00Price

From now on, every pup at the pawty can get their own cake! 


Looking for a pupcake for dogs? The Guilty Pleasure Pupcake is made with the classic CiaoMilton pumpkin cake and low-fat cream cheese icing. Each is decorated with a carob chocolate bar and fresh fruit. 


Fun fact about carob: It comes from a carob tree, is made with dried carob pods, and is native to the Mediterranean region. It contains three times more calcium than milk. It is also rich in fibre, iron, and phosphorus. Carob is often used as a healthy alternative to chocolate because it does not contain caffeine or theobromine. It is rich in flavour and naturally sweet. 


Our carob choco bar is made with 100% organic carob powder, coconut cream, coconut oil and coconut flour. 


Minimum order: 4 


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