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The inspirer

Milton, an XL Tibetan Terrier, is a goofy, mischievous, sensitive and intelligent bundle of joy. Milton is not known to be the most sportive pup. Whilst fetching and jugging may not be his favorite activities, he loves learning new tricks and get his brain cracking. Sit-pretty, shake, lay… you name it, but only the most delicious treats can lure him out of bed for a performance. A gourmet, you can call him. 

The baker 

Sabrina discovered her love for baking back in college 20 years ago. Her human-specialties include New York cheesecakes, eclairs, crème caramels, brownies, shortbread cookies and Florentines. Since the day she brought Milton home, she started to research extensively on healthy dog diet because she wants Milton to live a long and healthy life. The special bonding between Milton and Sabrina has encouraged her to start baking for dogs, maybe even full-time.



CiaoMilton is an artisan dog bakery based in Amsterdam. We offer all-natural, nutritious, freshly baked dog cookies. Our dog treats are made without additive, salt, sugar or coloring, and they are gluten-free and wheat-free. We want to spoil our dogs with special food on their birthdays, gotcha-days, and holidays, but at the same time we are concerned about their diet. Every CiaoMilton product therefore uses carefully curated ingredients that together create healthy and tasty canine delights. All orders are delivered in beautiful gift packaging.

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