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From Paradise Lost to Ciao, Milton: The Story Behind Our Name

Everyone loves a good dog story; the story behind our name, Ciao Milton, is no exception! It's a tale of furry friends, unexpected inspiration, and a touch of la dolce vita (the good life) that perfectly captures the spirit of our bakery.

The Quest for the Perfect Pup Name:

I've always wanted to give my dog a unique name, something that stood out from the usual "Fidos" and "Spots." I envisioned a name with two syllables, easy to call out in the park, and perhaps with a touch of grown-up seriousness—a name a dog wouldn't usually have. The humour in a dignified pup with a surprisingly human name always tickled me!

So, when the time came to welcome my furry companion into my life, the brainstorming began. Then, inspiration struck during a not-so-intellectual TV night with an old friend (think reruns of Lucifer, not documentaries!). We discussed the show's connection to John Milton's epic poem, Paradise Lost, where Lucifer is banished to the human world (think charming rogue with a rebellious streak!).

Milton is Born!

As my friend delved into the poem's details, the name Milton popped into my head. It had everything I wanted – a touch of history, a hint of sophistication, and the potential for some serious tail-wagging amusement. There and then, I knew I had found the perfect name for my furry best friend.

From Paradise Lost to Ciao, Milton!

Fast-forward a year, and Milton (looking dapper as ever) and I embarked on an Italian adventure. It was a trip to remember Sicily's sunshine and Turin's charm! Everywhere we went, Milton stole hearts. Italians showered him with love, greeting him with a warm "Ciao, carino!" (hello, cutie!).

But the real magic happened when someone asked his name. "Milton," I'd reply, and their response would be an enthusiastic, "Ciao, Miltono!" (pronounced Mil-tone-o). The melodic "Ciao, Milton" tripped so effortlessly off the tongue that it became our instant travel hashtag, capturing all our Italian pup-capades.

A Name is Born!

When the dream of Ciao Milton Bakery finally became a reality, the name choice was a no-brainer. It embodied everything we wanted our bakery to be – a place filled with love for dogs, a touch of Italian flair, and, of course, the most delicious, tail-wagging treats around.

So, there you have it! The story behind Ciao Milton – a name born from a love of dogs, a dash of literary inspiration, and a sprinkle of Italian sunshine. We hope it brings a smile to your face and makes you feel as warm and welcome as a friendly "Ciao" from a furry friend!

P.S.  Next time you visit us, or see us in the park, be sure to say "Ciao" to Milton himself (if he's not busy taste-testing our latest creations, of course!).

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