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Blueberry good breath jerky

Blueberry good breath jerky

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Come-back dog cookies

These dog cookies are made with ingredients famous for dog training. Your dog will do tricks to impress you for some sweets. 

Challenge level: come-back, leave it, let go. 


Blueberry good breath jerky 

  • Ingredients: blueberries, mint, parsley, cinnamon, chicken breast
  • Shape: jerky sticks 
  • Package: 70g / giftbag


Blueberry is considered superfood for dogs. It contains antioxidants, fiber and vitamins C and K. 


Mint and Parsley are both nutritious herbs which are not only great for your dog but also help to freshen breath. 

Keep the biscuits in dry, shaded area in an air tight jar. These jerkies are dehydrated and if stored properly will last about 3 months. 

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